UK Worker Says Firm Failed to Meet Vertical Challenge

November 13, 2006 ( - A six foot seven inch tall UK worker is suing a company he claims refused to make accommodations for his height.

The Sunderland Echo reports that Gareth Judd claims his bosses at Barclays Doxford International call center ignored his request for a desk and seat suitable for his height. Judd said he developed a prolapsed disc in his back and suffered severe back pain from crouching over his desk.

Judd went on sick leave in December, five months after he began work at the call center, according to the news report. He was terminated by his employer, employment agency Adecco, in June of this year for being too sick to work.

The call center argues that Judd’s back injury could be caused by a competition in which he participated that required him to live in a car for five days. Judd says he had completed intense physiotherapy and his back was fully recovered by the time he participated in the competition, weeks after his employment was terminated.

Judd, who said his time out of work left him in debt, is suing Barclays for lost compensation.