US Bank Offers Mstar Retirement Manager

April 6, 2006 ( - U.S. Bank Institutional Trust & Custody is now offering Morningstar Retirement Manager to its plan sponsors.

A news release said the service  includes  professional investment management and continual oversight for people who do not have the time, experience, expertise or desire to manage their retirement account portfolios.

According to the bank, with the managed accounts service of Morningstar Retirement Manager, Morningstar Associates creates a personalized investment portfolio that fits each participant’s financial situation, evaluates the portfolio
quarterly, manages the deferral percentage and investment allocation, and rebalances the portfolio as needed to help make sure that the appropriate investment options are selected and progress is being made toward meeting the participant’s retirement goals.

Because  Morningstar  Associates  acts  as  an investment  manager,  Morningstar takes on fiduciary responsibility for the advice it provides.