Van Global Hedge Index Sees 1.2% Net July Advance

August 7, 2003 ( - The Van Global Hedge Fund Index gained 1.2% net of fees in July based on preliminary data, according to Van Hedge Fund Advisors International.

About 70% of all early reporting funds were profitable last month, with the strongest gains in heavy equity-oriented strategies such as Aggressive Growth and Value. At the same time, Short Selling appears to have fared the worst among a handful of losing strategies in July.

Other than short sellers, many of the funds facing a difficult July traded bond-related strategies, such as Income, Convertible Arbitrage and Fixed Income Arbitrage. The benchmark US Treasury 10-year note slid sharply last month, with yields climbing back from a June low previously unseen for over forty years.

The Van Global Hedge Fund Index tracks performance of the hedge fund universe dating back to January 1988.