Vestek Enhances Performance Attribution Tool

October 22, 2001( - Analytics provider Vestek unveiled a fully geometric mathematical algorithm for performance attribution as part of the group's Performance Attribution analysis.

The capabilities have now been integrated into Vestek’s platform, designed to helps quantify the impact of investment decisions on portfolio performance.

The new geometric model defines sector-level attribution effects across multiple time periods, aggregating the attribution effects in a way that mirrors arithmetic approaches.

Vestek’s Performance Attribution analysis is a key feature in the firm’s Portfolio Analyzer product, which provides reports and graphs that illustrate investment results and offer insights on future decisions. The Analyzer’s other key components:

  • Portfolio Profile Reports provide a view of a portfolio’s structure and characteristics.
  • Contribution Analysis enables managers to examine how the securities they chose (and did not choose) contributed to portfolio return.
  • Risk Analysis identifies the sources and magnitude of portfolio risk and return

Portfolio Analyzer is a central component in Vestek’s suite of institutional analytic offerings, which include:

  • security selection
  • portfolio construction
  • risk evaluation
  • portfolio analysis, and
  • performance attribution