Virtual Benefits Administration System Launches Nationwide

April 20, 2006 ( - Benefit & Risk Management Services (BRMS) has announced that it is launching its Virtual Benefits Administration System (Vbas) to school districts nationwide.

According to the announcement, Vbas a llows organizations to administer their entire employee benefits process online, including COBRA and flexible spending account (FSA) services. Vbas is a proprietary, secure database that enables employers to enter, store and manage both employee and benefit information, while providing employees the ability to self-service their benefits any place there is an Internet connection.

In addition, Vbas helps maintain control of health care costs by managing insured data, eligibility, enrollment and consolidated billing in a single database.

BRMS Vice President Monica Burns said in the announcement that Vbas gives employees the ability to view plan descriptions, enroll in plans and add dependents online.   It also links to physician listings.   “Vbas is BRMS’ solution to reducing paperwork, increasing efficiencies and simplifying employee benefit administration processes while reducing costs. Vbas also allows districts to activate easy, automated year-round open enrollment that helps eliminate errors and streamline data transmission to insurance carriers,” she said.

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