Waitress Fired for Complaining on Facebook

May 17, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, lost her job as a waitress for complaining about some customers on her Facebook page.

The Charlotte Observer reports that about a week ago Ashley Johnson complained on her Facebook page that a couple came in for lunch, stayed three hours – forcing her to work an hour past her shift – and only left her a $5 tip. “Thanks for eating at Brixx, you cheap piece of —- camper,” she wrote, according to the news report.  

The managers at Brixx called her in a day or two later, showed her a copy of her Facebook comments, and told her she was being fired for violating company policy against speaking disparagingly about customers. A Brixx official said she also violated a second policy against casting the restaurant in a negative light on social networks, the news report said.

Johnson speculates that one of her Facebook friends must have told Brixx about the rant because her page is otherwise private, and she doesn’t add people to her network if she doesn’t know them.

She says she apologized to Brixx for using bad judgment, and is looking for a new job.