What's the "Hottest" Occupation?

February 14, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Sure your job is important - but is it "sexy?"

The “hottest” occupation, at least according to a poll by Salary.com, was firefighter – cited as the “se.xiest job” of 2006 with 16% of the nearly 5,000 votes.

Flight Attendants weren’t far behind, however, cited by 13%. Power is supposedly the ultimate aphrodisiac – which no doubt explains why the third-most cited occupation on the sexiest list was chief executive officer.

The Rest

Tied on the list for fourth, with 10% each, were event planners, interior designers – and reporters.

Nurses were cited as sexiest by 9%, followed by teachers (8%), doctors (7%), lawyers (4%), and veterinarians (3%).

Salary.com also noted that, based on a large number of write-in votes; “you don’t necessarily have to be a firefighter to be driving around all day putting out old flames.” Some of the most popular write-in votes included:

  • dental hygienist,
  • pilot,
  • marine,
  • police officer,
  • physical therapist,
  • chef, and
  • high level executive jobs for women.