Wilshire Enhances User Interface with Analytics Data

July 15, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Wilshire Analytics has announced enhancements to the user interface for its integrated collection of tools to manage global equity portfolios for active strategies.

With the Wilshire Atlas Version 11.0 (Atlas v11), all portfolios and indexes loaded in the Wilshire Atlas system now may be viewed and organized within a customizable folder structure, according to the announcement. This new Portfolio Navigator was designed to facilitate access to saved portfolios for both the running of new reports and the editing of portfolio holdings.

The holdings of each portfolio in the system can now be accessed via the Portfolio Navigator, which displays asset positions in a new portfolio holdings window for every date on which the portfolio has been loaded. The system also gives users access to the analysis tools and utilities of the Wilshire Atlas via a multi-tab toolbar or “ribbon,” which is available at all times in the user interface and groups each tool in the Wilshire Atlas by function type. The ribbon also offers users direct access to the tools within the Wilshire Atlas without first having to open a portfolio or create a portfolio list.  

Wilshire also has increased the multi-factor risk and attribution functionality of the system to allow users to perform flexible decomposition of risk and return contributions into any user-defined grouping scheme within the system. The risk and factor attribution modules also have been expanded through the addition of a number of new reporting features and a new HTML reporting format.  

In particular, according to the announcement, the Risk Analyzer application has been developed to include the following enhancements:

  • New flexible decomposition of risk reports,
  • New “multiple portfolio” summary,
  • User-defined Value at Risk (VaR) Calculation, and
  • Enhanced reporting of security level risk.

In addition, the reporting capabilities of the Wilshire Atlas have been enhanced with the development of a Microsoft Excel plug-in associated with the Wilshire Atlas API (application programming interface), which gives users access to the core analysis functions of the system via custom cell functions from within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, allowing them to build fully-customized reports without needing to code new Microsoft Excel macros.

The multi-factor attribution module in the system has also been expanded and now exhibits a number of new reporting features:

  • Flexible decomposition of return,
  • New linked multi-period reports and multiple portfolio summary reports, and
  • Enhanced security detail return attribution reports.

More information is at www.wilshire.com .