Withings Adds to Corporate Wellness Solution

A wearable activity tracker is now available.

Withings, a wellness product provider, has added Withings Go, an affordable, versatile activity tracker to its Corporate Wellness 360° solution.

Corporate Wellness 360° collaborates with companies to provide the products and applications needed to monitor and improve employee activity and health levels. It features three components:

  • Engage employees with smart devices: Organizations are able to outfit their employees with Withings’ range of devices that monitor activity, sleep, weight, blood pressure, and more, while encouraging long-term use through stylish and intuitive designs. With the Withings Health Mate app, users have access to a full breakdown of their health data, trends and progress and in-app coaching tools.
  • Inspire community: Workplaces can launch individual or team challenges, share social content and send motivational notifications to employees through their own dedicated portal and the Health Mate app.
  • Manage with advanced analytics: Employers have access to interactive dashboards that outline employee engagement and progress, allowing them to gain insights and health analytics that can help them improve their corporate health benefits.

In addition, Withings Corporate Wellness solutions provide employers with advanced tools and advice to manage all aspects of their corporate wellness programs. Custom-created web portals and apps help manage all aspects of the program, and companies receive volume discounts on all Withings devices. They are able to subsidize (or provide them free) to employees through their own personalized webstore. Withings also provides dedicated account managers to each program owner and support teams to all participants. In addition, Withings offers webinars and training sessions to help users make actionable use of their data. 

Withings Go features:

  • Multi-wear options: Place it on a wrist, clip it to a belt, carry it on a keychain, or put in a pocket;
  • Always-on E Ink display: Constantly provides users with their activity progress- even in bright sunlight or in water;
  • Water resistant: Up to 5 ATM and automatic recognition when users start swimming, providing the time of the session and the calories burned;
  • Sleep tracking: Can distinguish between light and deep sleep cycles to give users a full understanding of their sleep patterns;
  • Five vibrant colors: Available in black, blue, green, red and yellow;
  • Long battery life: Can operate continuously for up to 8 months with no charging required, as the device uses a button cell battery (CR2032); and
  • Accompanying app and partners: Connects to the free Withings Health Mate iOS and Android app, which empowers employees to manage their everyday health, and connects up to 150 other app partners such as Runkeeper and Loseit.
Organizations interested in Corporate Wellness 360° can access additional information about the program and volume-based order discounts at http://corporate.withings.com/.