Woman Suing Co. Regarding Ex-Husband's Affair

October 20, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Lori Johnson, an associate for AFLAC in Illinois, has sued the company saying it allowed behavior to continue that violated its own policies.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Johnson was initially attracted to the company because of its Christian morals and principles. The company regularly posts its job openings on Christian Web sites, allows prayer groups at corporate meetings, and emphasizes the Christian principles of its founders in its philosophies, according to Johnson. The company has a policy that demands its associates not in engage in “conduct involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, fraud, deceit (or) willful misrepresentation.”

Johnson wants the company to be held accountable for allowing actions to go on at the workplace when her ex-husband had an affair with a coworker.She said sex pictures of Ralph Johnson and Margo Moore were passed around the office and the two bragged about their affair, while Ralph, a supervisor, steered clients from his wife to Moore, according to the Sun-Times. Johnson said the “shameful wickedness” of an affair should prohibit Ralph Johnson and Moore from continuing to work as AFLAC associates.

Johnson became aware of her husband’s affair in 2001 and divorced him in 2002. She said she was surprised by the lack of disciplinary action by AFLAC supervisors against her ex-husband and Moore, who she says continued to torment her after the divorce.

All three continue to work for the company, but Johnson says her career has been sidetracked by the behavior. Ralph Johnson declined to comment, and Moore called the case “bogus.”