Worker Digs "Hole" for Himself by Taking Day Off

March 12, 2009 ( - Halifax (Nova Scotia) regional firefighters and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers spent an afternoon scouring an area around a former military radar base and an old cement plant searching for a Canadian worker who had fallen into a hole.

NOT! Well, the firefighters and police were searching, but the worker’s text message to his boss saying he had fallen into a hole, was just an excuse to take the day off.

The ChronicleHerald reports that after receiving the text message, the employer became concerned and called 911. While crews were combing the area looking for the supposedly missing man, the RCMP traced the cell phone he had used to an apartment where they found the man inside and under the influence of some kind of substance, according to the newspaper.

While the worker was not in a hole, he dug a hole for himself with those who had taken part in the search. “We entered into an extensive search out there and used quite a bit of resources trying to locate an individual,” Corporal Joe Taplin, a spokesman for the RCMP, said in the news report. “It was an extensive, costly use of manpower to go out there and attempt to locate an individual who wasn’t even there.”

The news report didn’t mention the hole he dug for himself with his boss.