Workers Comp Claims Dropped in 2004

June 9, 2005 ( - The number of workers compensation injuries continued falling in 2004, according to new research.

A news release from the Boca Raton, Florida-based NCCI Holdings Inc. said the frequency decline included nearly all occupations and employer sizes.

According to the announcement, a decline in the frequency of smaller lost-time claims has outstripped a decline in larger lost-time claims. Additionally, nearly all body parts and injury categories have experienced drops. NCCI said.

Also there appears to be little regional differences in frequency changes, NCCI research showed. Claim frequency for Western states declined 23%, the largest regional decline over a five-year period. Southeastern states had the smallest frequency decline during the five-year period at 18%.

NCCI manages the nation’s largest database of workers compensation insurance information, according to the company. The research brief is here .