Workers Expected to Flock to the Exits in 2010

November 19, 2009 ( – Employee turnover is expected to rise next year as a new survey shows that many workers are unhappy with their present jobs.

Sixty percent of employees polled said they intend to leave and an additional 21% are networking and updating their resumes, according to research from Right Management, an HR consulting firm. A Right Management news release said 13% of respondents indicated they intend to stay put while 6% say a move isn’t  likely but they are updating a resume just in case.

“The study provides a barometer of employee engagement in the workplace, with results that might alarm and surprise many employers,” said Douglas J. Matthews, president and chief operating officer at Right Management, in the news release.

Matthews continued: “Employees are clearly expressing their pent-up frustration with how they have been treated through the downturn. While employers may have taken the necessary steps to streamline operations to remain viable, it appears many employees may have felt neglected in the process. The result is a disengaged and disgruntled workforce.”

Right Management surveyed 904 employees in North America via an online poll. The survey ran between October 19 and November 5, 2009.