Workers Experiencing a Summer Slump

July 28, 2011 ( – A recent survey from CareerBuilder found that one-in-four employers (26%) think workers are less productive in the summer, and nearly half (45%) think workers at their organization are currently burned out on their jobs.

Nicer weather, vacation-fever, and kids being out of school led the list of reasons for the perceived summer productivity dip.   

However, looking at overall productivity trends year-round, 30% of employers say workers are more productive today than before the recession began; 12% feel workers are less productive than before the recession.   

According to a press release, employers who saw a rise in worker productivity during the recession primarily attribute the increase to the fear of losing a job and the effects of downsized staffs on individual workloads. In addition, 73% are seeing the increase sustain today and 14% state productivity has increased even more.   

Seventy-seven percent of workers say they are sometimes or always burned out in their jobs and 43% say their stress levels on the job have increased over the last six months. Nearly half (46%) of employees reported an increase in their workloads in the last six months, while only 8% said their workloads decreased.   

The national survey was conducted May 19 to June 8, 2011, and included more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource professionals and nearly 5,300 employees.