Workers Get Creative to Supplement Income

July 21, 2009 ( - Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when the lack of jobs makes taking on a second one difficult, one has to get creative to find supplemental income.

In a recent survey completed in June, CareerBuilder asked more than 4,400 workers to share some of the more unconventional ways they’ve earned extra dollars.

Examples cited by respondents, according to a press release, include:

  • Used a portable propane burner to heat oil, and sold catfish dinners on the front porch;
  • Made Star Wars costumes for people;
  • Donated blood plasma;
  • Researched stories for a gossip columnist;
  • Won money on a game show;
  • Juggled chainsaws in a talent competition;
  • Posed for an art class;
  • Worked as a tarot card reader;
  • Wrote a freelance article on Big Foot;
  • Took notes in class for college students;
  • Took items from the Lost & Found and sold them online;
  • Gave people in the office hair cuts;
  • Tested recipes for a book;
  • Worked as a movie extra;
  • Participated in product testing for bandages;
  • Played in Poker tournaments; and
  • Participated in university research studies.