Workers Peak on Tuesday

April 13, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR (b)lines) – Today is a special day in the workplace.

A recent study conducted by a British research firm shows Tuesday is the favorite of both employers and employees, with performance peaking just prior to lunch. The study found the most productive time of the week for workers is at exactly 11:33 a.m. Tuesday, according to a report on AOL which did not cite the source of the study.  

The poll of 3,000 employees revealed that 93% of workers say on Tuesday they’re at their peak, organized, and energized. Efficiency and communications skills are at their apex, and workers feel fresh, competent, and confident, the news report said.   

The study indicates Tuesday is the best day to schedule productivity evaluations and important pitches with clients, as employees report that is the day they give their best presentations, and clients are more enthusiastic and receptive as well.  

Tuesday is also the best day for staff meetings. Four of 10 people said they schedule Tuesday meetings for this very reason.  

Workers reported that on Monday they are busy revving themselves up, battling hangovers or exhaustion from an active weekend, catching up on gossip, answering emails, and preparing for the week ahead.  

More than half of those surveyed admitted their energy and enthusiasm start to wane on Wednesday. While they take shorter breaks, including lunch, on Monday and Tuesday, by Wednesday they start lengthening their break periods, and 24% admitted they’re already looking forward to and planning for weekend activities by hump day.  

The majority of workers surveyed indicated they purposely plan a lighter workload for Thursday and Friday, some because they don’t want to leave things hanging over the weekend, and others because they lack professional focus at the end of the week.   

Thirty percent of respondents said Friday is the worst work day of the week for them.