Workers Reveal the Scariest Professions

October 27, 2011 ( – What makes a job frightening? With Halloween right around the corner, American workers voted on the scariest professions in a nationwide survey by CareerBuilder. 

According to the survey, the scariest jobs in the U.S. are:

1. Bomb Squad Technician

2. High Rise Window Washer

3. Armed Forces

4. Miner

5. Police Officer

6. Alaskan Crab Fisherman

7. Mortician

8. Firefighter

9. High School Teacher

10. Cemetery Worker

11. Exterminator

12. Stand-Up Comedian

13. Animal Control

14. Stunt Person

15. Politician

The survey also asked respondents what they are most afraid of at work.  While most Americans wouldn’t want to find themselves in any of the above careers, aspects of their own jobs can keep them on edge. More than a third of workers (36%) say layoffs are what they are most afraid of at work. Other work-related issues that may keep workers up at night include:

•  Pay cuts – 13%;

•  Workload – 9%;

•  Presenting in front of other people – 9%;

•  Forced relocation – 4%; and

•  The boss – 3%.

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder among 4,384 U.S. workers (employed full-time, not self-employed, non-government) ages 18 and over between August 16 and September 8, 2011.