Workers Still Have Warm Feelings About Co. Execs

August 7, 2002 ( - Corporate executives still have strong employee support despite rampant financial scandals, a survey found.

According to a CareerBuilder poll, 52% of employees said their company’s upper executives were trustworthy – steady from the results of the same survey question asked last year.

Not surprisingly, 57% of managers up to the vice president level said company leaders could be trusted versus half of regular staff members.

More men than women trusted their bosses (54% versus 52%) while nearly three out of 10 among those trusting their leaders had been with the firm from one to less than three years, according to the survey.

Keeping workers informed helped them feel warm and fuzzy about their executives, the survey found. For example, three quarters of those trusting the higher ups also felt they were in the loop about the company’s goings-on.

Overwhelmingly, eight-in-10 workers rated corporate leaders as somewhat to extremely hardworking and 46% of these workers rated corporate leaders as very or extremely hardworking.

Half of supervisors, managers, directors and vice presidents felt that corporate leaders were hardworking compared to 45% of staff members.

The CareerBuilder survey of more than 1,400 full-time workers was conducted July 11 to July 18 via a survey Web site.