Workers Vote to Take Oprah to Work

September 7, 2006 ( - Hourly workers surveyed by job search site voted for Oprah Winfrey as the celebrity they thought would make their job most fun for a day.

While Winfrey earned the No. 1 spot overall with 26% of the total vote, women helped get her there more so than men polled, according to a press release from the site. She topped the women’s list with 31% of their votes, while Jessica Alba topped the men’s list with 16% of their votes.

Winfrey was the popular choice to take to work for both younger and older workers. She won the teen category of 17 and under with 18% of votes, beating out Jessica Alba who garnered 15% of votes. Those ages 18 to 24 also ranked Winfrey number one (21%).

Within her peer group, the 45 and older crowd, Winfrey garnered nearly half of the votes (46%), far above former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston (10%).

The top 10 celebrities chosen overall included:

Oprah Winfrey – 26%

Angelina Jolie – 11%

Will Ferrell – 10%

Jessica Alba – 9%

Paris Hilton – 9%

Brad Pitt – 9%

Jennifer Aniston – 6%

Jessica Simpson – 6%

Nick Lachey – 5%

Derek Jeter – 3%.