Working Retireds Value Flexible Work-Life Arrangements

June 21, 2006 ( - A new survey has confirmed earlier findings that most baby boomers and active retirees most value flexibility or the ability to integrate their home and work lives as key to being happy as working retireds.

A news release from said seven in 10 of those answering its poll of 50+ year old workers said they would look particularly hard at whether potential employers have flexible workplace setups. Job security and stability as well as independence and autonomy also ranked high on the list.

Only a third of respondents said they would be lured to firms valuing entrepreneurship.

“We found that 50+ job seekers place a big premium on flexible work conditions, to the point where they will often trade a suitable schedule for reduced compensation,” said Tim Driver, CEO of, in the release. “It probably stands to reason that if someone is after a more relaxing lifestyle, starting a business is not always likely to be a fit. But let’s not forget there are countless examples of great ventures started by people over age 50.”

After being asked what they would consider important characteristics for future jobs, the respondents answered:

  • Flexibility or Lifestyle Integration, 69%
  • Security and Stability, 67%
  • Independence and Autonomy, 65%
  • Service and Dedication, 58%
  • Cash Compensation, 53%
  • Technical and Functional, 53%
  • Managerial, 48%
  • Benefits, 48%
  • Pure Challenge, 46%
  • Entrepreneurship, 29%

Follow-up interviews with respondents enabled’s analysts to identify a qualitative set of likes and dislikes among people in their careers after age 50. To view the “What’s In, What’s Out” list, visit .