Workplace Wellness Has Its Rewards

January 28, 2010 ( – Employers who make wellness a workplace priority are amply rewarded through a generally happier and more productive workforce, a new study asserts.

A news release from employment firm Right Management about its new study The Wellness Imperative: Creating More Effective Organizations, said employees are eight times more likely to be engaged when wellness is high on their employer’s agenda. Likewise, the company said, an organization is four times more likely to lose talent if its employees take an unfavorable view of its promotion of wellness.

An employer focusing on wellness will have employees who are 3.5 times more likely to report being encouraged to be creative and innovative, keys to maintaining organizational agility, according to the study.

“When thoughtfully integrated into overall strategy, wellness is a powerful positive driver of employee engagement, productivity and performance,” said Owen Sullivan, CEO of Right Management, in the news release. “In the recovery, success will depend on creating and sustaining a competitive advantage; this survey demonstrates wellness initiatives as an important key to building that edge.”

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