World Equity Markets Turn Positive in September

October 6, 2006 ( - Developed world equity markets gained 1.12% in September 2006, while emerging markets rose 0.38%, according to Standard & Poor's World by Numbers report.

Countries turned in a variety of directions for the month.   The Philippines posted an 11.14% gain versus a loss of 1.28% for August, while Nigeria fell 7.59% after gaining 23.38% in August. India reported an 8.48% gain for the month, while Mexico posted 4.68%. Russia posted a 6.58% loss.

For the one-year period, Morocco (up 69.23%), Peru (up 64.86%) and Slovenia (up 63.17%) posted impressive gains. Only two markets, Jordan (-22.74%) and Hungary (-12.61%), were down for the year.

By sector, Energy (-4.46%) and Materials (-1.53%) both lost in September, though both performed slightly better in the US than in world markets.  The best performing sectors in September across all boarders were Telecommunications Services (up 4.25%) and Consumer Discretionary (up 3.42%). 

By asset type, value stocks again significantly outpaced growth issues, continuing their one-year dominance.

The complete World by Numbers report can be viewed at .