Xerox Unveils GMAM Outsourcing Deal

October 30, 2001( - General Motors Investment Management Corp has officially signed an agreement with Xerox Corporation to provide investment management services to Xerox's retirement and savings plans. originally reported the news earlier in the month, but now the official announcement has been made.

GMAM and its affiliates will be responsible for the management of Xerox’s   $8 billion US and Canadian pension plans and US savings plans.   Under GMAM’s Flexible Plan Outsourcing program, GMAM’s services will include the following:

  • investment management,
  • asset allocation,
  • general research, and
  • the selection, evaluation, and monitoring of investment managers

GMAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors Corp. Together with its affiliates, GMAM has the responsibility for managing approximately $100 billion in pension, 401(k) plan and other assets.