A Little Friday File Fun

In South Africa, a soccer player scored two goals during a match between Free State and Cape Town, and afterward, he inadvertently gave an incredibly awkward post-game interview. The player told the interviewer that he appreciated his wife and his girlfriend, before backtracking and trying to make it clear he only meant to thank his wife, according to NY Magazine.

In Cumbra, UK, a woman was having some boiled eggs for breakfast when she says she felt something funny in her mouth. “I took one, peeled it and bit into it when I feel something like gristle in my mouth,” the woman told South West News Service. “It fell on to the plate and I couldn’t understand where it had come from―I thought it had come from me.” What Thompson saw was a small diamond. She was worried that someone had actually lost a diamond. However, a jeweler who examined it said the gem was most likely cubic zirconia, not a real diamond.

In New York, Demeter Fragrance Library, a New York-based company that develops fragrances based on everyday scents, has developed a new perfume that will bring memories of a dozen kitten cuddles, called Kitten Fur. “Now after 15 years of effort, Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind kitten’s neck,” the company wrote on its website, according to the Huffington Post. The scent of Kitten Fur is being sold in several Demeter products, including cologne, roll-on perfume oil, body lotion, shower gel and a diffuser oil.

In Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, Luzerne County prosecutors say Assistant District Attorney Jill Matthews received a text using drug lingo that they called an “obvious text for a drug deal,” according to the Associated Press. They say she later received a photo of a plastic bag containing a green substance on a scale. The texter wanted to trade mari.juana for her.oin. He was arrested, but is now being sought after failing to appear for a hearing.

In Paris, France, French gendarmes called to a robbery found the suspected thief stuck in a hole he’d made with a hammer in a shop window. Firefighters were called to free the man, who was then taken into custody, according to the Associated Press.

In Alexandria, Virginia, a 21-year-old man robbed an apartment and then jumped off the second-story balcony after the owner returned home. The robber broke his leg in the jump off a balcony, and then called authorities to help him. The authorities say he will be charged after his release from the hospital, the Associated Press reports.

This is the biggest rooster I have ever seen.

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Snow shoveling fails and fun.

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A new sport: Russian car curling.

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