A Little Friday File Fun

In Richmond, Virginia, a woman at a Wendy’s drive-thru was asked to pull forward and park while her meal was being finished. Later, a worker brought out the wrong order. This made the woman angry, and she followed the worker back into the restaurant, cursing and threatening the manager, according to the local CBS news station. The woman then jumped over the counter and began a fight with the manager, at some point biting her knee. Police arrived and charged the woman with malicious wounding, as well as other charges.

In San Jacinto County, Texas, officers were dispatched to arrest a man on suspicion of credit card abuse. They found the man driving down the road in a pink Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels electric car. According to the Dayton (Texas) News, neighbors say the man used it as regular transport.

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, plumbers noticed something unusual amid a dusty pile of rubble while ripping apart a home’s bathroom. Under the bathtub was a shimmery thing, and when they dug it up, they discovered it was a cell-phone sized gold bar imprinted with a serial number and stamp of a well-known jeweler. According to the Calgary Herald, the plumbers’ research led them to believe it was worth more than $50,000. The plumbers believe the gold brick was stashed near the bathroom’s hot tub and over time was moved by the vibration of the motor. The homeowners had previously searched their bathroom for the lost treasure and said they were thrilled to be reunited with the missing chunk of money.

In Ontario, Canada, a mother, fed up with her 23-year-old son’s lack of appreciation for her supporting him, left a detailed invoice totaling more than $39,000 for her services in his room. The invoice includes charges for meals, contributions toward gifts, charges for cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming, prescription and education expenses, as well as a $1,000 charge for “not appreciating mother’s support.” According to the UK’s Metro, the mother said it was not a real invoice, but was done to prove a point. Online the son responded that it was a very effective technique for helping him realize how entitled he’s been acting.

Helpful other uses for hair dryers.

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Man: Are you eyeballing my food? Dog: Not me.

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Some of these interesting paper tricks could be entertainment for kids stuck in the house.

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