Accountants See 5.3% 2002 Pay Raise

July 7, 2003 ( - US management accountants enjoyed an average 5.3% salary increase in 2002 to $83,235, according to an industry group study.

The 2002 Institute of Management Accountants Salary Guide Survey found that the gender gap is widening again, according to a SmartPros report.

Even though more women than men received raises in 2002, the average raise for women was less than it was for men ($4,586 versus $5,440). Some of the factors leading to this gap may be that women are younger (median age of 40 versus 45) and fewer women have an advanced degree (34% versus 37%) While additional compensation for members of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) increased almost 27%, total compensation’s rise to $94,166 is only a 4.5% increase from 2001.

Other findings include:

  • average additional compensation was up in 2002, but only 69% of members reported receiving it compared to 90% in 2001
  • the average salary for members who hold certifications — either a CMA, CPA, or both — is $88,670, as opposed to $72,859 for individuals with no certification (regardless of gender).

More than 1,600 IMA members, selected to geographically represent the membership of the IMA in the United States, responded to the 2002 salary survey. More details on the survey are available at .