Achaean Financial Introduces Retirement Income Tools

 June 5, 2012 ( - Achaean Financial released two new products, Retirement Outcome and Income Plus+.

Retirement Outcome is a customizable retirement planning tool to help investors and their advisers develop personalized retirement plans and generate solutions for income, wealth and asset allocations. The tool uses information about a client in or near retirement to produce a personalized outcome report.

The user interface and all reports can be branded with the adviser’s logo, and the asset allocation portfolios can be customized to advisers’ models, with an extensive palate of asset class benchmarks to choose from. Users can adjust investing, guaranteed income and spending decisions to see how they impact income and wealth throughout retirement.

Income Plus+ is a true annuity, with mortality credits enabling higher annual payments to investors. For insurers, Income Plus+ significantly reduces the crucial hedging cost associated with offering an income-guaranteed product. It provides offsetting market risk exposure, permitting the carrier to predetermine the amount of exposure it is willing to undertake.

“Achaean developed Income Plus+ to respond to the evolving retirement income market and coincides with demands among legislators in D.C., the Departments of Labor and Treasury and industry lobbying groups for products and services that enhance retirement income security,” said Lorry Stensrud, Achaean’s CEO.