Advocacy Group Employee Alleges Religious Discrimination

September 27, 2007 ( - A former employee at Casey Family Services, a child advocacy agency in New Hampshire, filed a lawsuit alleging that her former employer discriminated against her because she was Christian.

According to the Associated Press, Penny Nixon claims that she was barred from giving out religious Christmas cards and was referred to as the “good Christian” at work. She also claims that Casey Family Services would not permit her to have voluntary Bible studies during lunch hour, but did permit a gay and lesbian group to meet during work hours.

“Penny Nixon is not saying she has any objection to working with gay men or lesbians,” Nixon’s attorney, Chuck Douglas, wrote in a lawsuit filed in Merrimack County Superior Court, according to the AP. “She does not object to diversity training that is evenhanded. However, she does assert her right to have her practice and belief in Christianity unmolested in the workplace.”

Casey Family Services has not yet responded to the lawsuit in court, according to the news report.