Aetna Introduces Healthy Commitments Program

June 5, 2012 ( – Aetna introduced a wellness program for public and labor employers with fewer than 3,000 employees.

Aetna Healthy Commitments has resources and incentives to help improve employees’ health and well-being while also aiming to reduce health care expenses for employers.

Aetna guarantees that employers will save 2% on their health care trends when their employees meet minimum participation levels. The company will also provide employers with access to additional incentives to encourage participation.

“[T]he Aetna Healthy Commitments program saves money for employers by helping their employees improve their health,” said Kim Keck, head of Aetna’s middle markets business.

The program has tiers, enhanced and premier.

The enhanced package provides employees with worksite biometric screenings and member incentives. It includes Aetna Health Connections Get Active! Shape Up Challenge, a program that incorporates social networking to engage employees through a fitness challenge.

The premier package has the features of the enhanced package, plus Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. Through this program, coaches provide one-to-one support to employees, targeting behavioral changes in a number of areas, such as weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management, nutrition, physical activity and preventive health.