Aflac Offers Benefits Assessment Tool

November 28, 2012 ( – Aflac launched an online tool that helps businesses assess their current benefits programs.

Benefits decisionmakers and human resources managers can compare their benefits programs with national best-in-class offerings. In addition, they can use the Aflac Benefits Assessment Tool to better understand the implications of benefits decisions on their work force and what they can do to improve their competitiveness in this area.   

Information they provide about their company’s size, benefits offerings and employees identifies them as one of four distinct organizational profiles: 

  • Benefits Skeptic – a business that offers a less comprehensive benefits program and has employees who typically are unaware of, or not fully utilizing, available benefits offerings; 
  • Simple Solutions – a business that provides only the most basic benefits, which may be leaving gaps in coverage and expectations from employees; 
  • Benefits Believer – a business that leverages an innovative approach to designing benefits packages to meet the demands and preferences of a diverse mix of workers; or 
  • Talent Attractor – a business that offers a comprehensive benefits package and understands its employees’ needs, which can help attract and retain talent. 


The tool incorporates findings from the 2011 and 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report (see “Employees Blame Employers for Open Enrollment Mistakes”).  

More information is at