Alumni Network Aimed at Passive Job Seekers

May 25, 2006 ( - One company has created an alumni network that will link job recruiters with more than 400,000 university graduates.

The network by Experience, Inc, is mostly aimed at job seekers that are not likely to actively search for positions by handing out resumes or posting them online. Rather, the network is geared toward graduates that would only consider a position if they were contacted first.

The company’s network now includes alumni of all 3,800 schools that are part of the Experience network for college recruiting, allowing candidates to use the same online service for their entire professional career, including internships, entry-level, mid-career and executive searches.

“Graduates often feel strong connections to their alma maters,” said Jennifer Floren, founder and CEO of Experience, Inc, in a press release. “Experience supports career development right from the beginning, and within the context of the university community – which creates a familiar, trusted environment that students and alumni can rely on during every step of their careers,” she added.

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