American Express Adds Educational Offerings

April 29, 2003 ( - American Express Retirement Services unveiled seven new seminars and a new online education module.

In an announcement, the company said the new education offerings are part of its financial education seminar program, which focuses on topics that help employees better understand their relationship with money, the importance of financial planning in today’s environment, the financial impact of significant life events, and how to best achieve their financial goals.  

The new offerings include:

  • Beat the Financial Squeeze-Caring For Both Children and Parents – Helps employees face the challenges of providing care for two or more generations and offers financial information as well as other support tools and resources
  • Ask a Professional-Answers to Your Financial Questions – Walks plan participants through common financial questions and day-to-day situations that affect employees’ overall financial futures
  • Millionaires: How do they get there? Six Steps to Wealth Accumulation – Provides employees with basic investment information that can help them take the first step toward good money management and wealth accumulation
  • Understanding the Markets – Cuts through the investment jargon many plan participants face and gives them a better understanding of the markets and what financial decisions best fit their lifestyle
  • 529 Plans and Your Other Education Funding Options – Aids employees in finding out how to analyze college costs, become familiar with the tax considerations and understand asset ownership issues in order to fund a student’s higher education
  • Your Nest is Empty. Now What? Planning Your Financial Future Once Your Kids are Grown – Shows employees how to re-evaluate their financial position, determine new goals and put their financial house in order as they prepare for retirement.
  • Advanced Cash Management – Introduces employees to cash reserve strategies that more appropriately allocate funds to provide liquidity and maximize returns on short-term assets, while still protecting long-term assets for college funding or retirement.

The new products also include:

  • Market Volatility Online Module.   The module is comprised of four sections – Assessing Your Goals, Investment Strategy, Riding Out Volatility, and Steps To Take Today.   The new module helps employees examine their goals and evaluate investment strategies in a volatile market.