American Workers Report Positive Relationships with Bosses

October 10, 2011 ( - American workers indicate their relationship with their boss is strong and positive. 

Seventy-eight percent of employed Americans feel their boss would “go to bat” for them if their job were on the line.  Further, if given the chance to change something about their boss, a majority (59%) thinks their boss is great and wouldn’t change a thing, according to a recent survey from Adecco Staffing U.S.  

According to a press release, survey findings also revealed that employees are interested to know more about how their boss feels about their job. When asked what single question they most would like to ask their boss, the number one response was not compensation or career choice; rather, 25% of respondents wanted to know if their boss was passionate about his or her job. That said, the boss’ salary did pique the interest of some (19%) and seemed to matter more to those with lower compensation. Employees making less than $75,000 were nearly two times more likely to want to ask their boss about their salary than those making more than that amount.  

While American workers may think their boss is great, the survey did show that they want to keep a healthy barrier between their work and personal lives.  When asked to choose the most uncomfortable conversation topics between boss and employee, nearly a quarter of Americans (23%) said the topic they’re most uncomfortable discussing is their relationship status. Coming in a close second and third were political beliefs (16%) and medical history (11%).  Surprisingly, zero percent of respondents said they would be uncomfortable discussing their age with a boss, and only 5% said they’d be uncomfortable discussing their weight.  

In addition to conversation topics, American workers were also asked which activities outside the workplace would be most awkward to do with their boss—a majority (43%) responded that they would feel the most awkward going on a double-date with their significant other and their boss / boss’s significant other. Going to a movie with their boss came in close behind (38%).

Adecco asked American workers to choose the country's arguably biggest best boss—those potentially in the running for President of the United States in 2012—President Obama topped the list with 37% of employed workers picking him over other candidates. This was especially true among women (43% vs. 32% of men). On the other hand, men (15%) were more likely than women (7%) to think the best boss of the potential presidential pool would be Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.  

The research, an omnibus conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Adecco Staffing US, was conducted in honor of National Boss's Day which is celebrated this year on October 17.