Americans Laboring Harder as Labor Day Approaches

September 1, 2004 ( - It's probably a good thing that the Labor Day holiday is coming up because Americans increasingly need the rest.

The recent survey cosponsored by Harris Interactive and Kronos Incorporated found that more than a third (32%) of US adults working full time have stepped up their work schedule in the last six months with 67% working another five hours or more weekly.

Those now laboring longer at the office cited three primary drivers for their more demanding schedule:

  • lack of efficient staffing
  • less people to do the same amount of work
  • pressure to do more.

The majority said they expect no relief anytime soon.

Some 62% of those with longer hours also have not received a pay raise. The survey also found that more than half of workers feel their employer does not appreciate or reward them well. The top three benefits participants would like to see improved are salary/compensation, health care, and sick/vacation time.

Speaking of vacation time, the survey found that technology advances and increases in work responsibilities are resulting in a vacation time decline. According to the survey, 67% of employed adults have not used all of their allocated vacation time in the last 12 months. Approximately 45% expect to work over the holiday weekend.

This survey was conducted online within the US between July 20 and 26, 2004 among a nationwide cross-section of 1,052 full-time employed adults.