Americans Work Longer, but Liking It More

October 12, 2004 ( - A recent poll finds that Americans are working longer than their counterparts in the UK and Canada - but they are more satisfied with their work, their co-workers, their work conditions - and their pensions.

A Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing released last week found that 38% of American workers put in 45 or more hours a week, compared with 30% of Canadians and 28% of Britons. However, nearly three-quarters (74%) of US worker respondents said they are “completely satisfied” with their relations with co-workers, compared with just 59% of Canadians and 61% of Britons.

Moreover, three-fifths of US workers said they were completely satisfied with their bosses, compared with just 47% of Canadian workers, and only 42% of those in the . workers also felt better about the flexibility of their hours, the amount of vacation time, recognition, their pay, their chances for promotion, and their pension plan.

Workers who are completely satisfied with:

  • the physical safety conditions of your workplace: US (73%), (57%), (58%)
  • the flexibility of your hours: US (62%), (52%), (52%)
  • your job security: US (54%), (40%), (49%)
  • the amount of vacation/holiday time you receive: US (52%), (47%), (49%)
  • the recognition you receive: US (48%), (37%), (37%)
  • your chances for promotion: US (40%), (29%), (25%)
  • the retirement or pension plan your employer offers: US (36%), (25%), (32%)
  • the amount of money you earn: US (28%), (26%), (23%)