Benefits/Health Care Important Election (and Employment) Issue

October 29, 2004 ( - Benefits and health care are important in both choosing a President and choosing a job, a new survey by MetLife asserts.

The survey – composed of two distinct data collection events polling voting-aged consumers, employees, and HR/Benefits executives in September – showed that 45% of women and 36% of men of voting age state that benefits and health care platforms will influence their decision on Tuesday. The numbers are higher for African-American and Hispanic groups, with 46% and 49% saying that these issues will influence their decisions.

American employers agree with the sentiment, with 39% of businesses that employ up to 50 people say it is a pivotal issue. Forty percent of midsized companies and 35% of the nation’s largest companies agree.

In choosing a job, benefits and health care also matter. Although only one in five men say that benefits are an important reason in choosing an employer, 32% of women (and 37% of those who are separated or divorced) say it is a critical factor.