Bonds of Work Extend Beyond Workplace

July 23, 2003 ( - People may be working longer hours, but they are also continuing to socialize with their co-workers.

Nearly half of office workers go to lunch with coworkers at least once a week, and another third (31%) lunch together a few times a month, according to an e-mail survey conducted for At-A-Glance, a planning products maker.

And the socialization extends outside the workday, as well. While nearly half (43%) say they never eat dinner with their coworkers, slightly more than a quarter of the work force is inclined to spend a weekend or evening out with coworkers a few times each month.

Nearly 29% go out for drinks together a few times per month, and 47% do so a few times a year.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of those surveyed have attended at least one “major event” in a fellow employee’s life, such as a wedding or funeral. In addition, about 40% volunteer together for charitable causes, while 13% have joined an office sports team.