Boomerang Kids Hopping to Home, From Jobs

August 15, 2006 ( - It appears that life after college is looking a lot like life before college, according to Experience, Inc's "2006 Life After College" survey.

A whopping 58% of the so-called “Boomerang Kids” – those who have left the ‘home nest’ for a period of time, but have subsequently returned – reported moving home after college (75% of those who did move home did so immediately after graduation) – and nearly a third remained there for more than a year.

So-called “Boomerang Kids” have left the ‘home nest’ for a period of time, but are increasingly returning to live with their parents.

Nearly half (48%) move home to save money, and 37% did so because they were unemployed. For those who did find a job, the average tenure at their first full-time job is 1.6 years. More than a third (36%) of respondents stayed less than 1 year at their first job, according to the poll of recent graduates from colleges and universities across the country.

Job Hopping

Just over half (51%) of those out of school for 1-2 years have changed jobs from their first job, and more than three-quarters (77%) of those out of school for 3-5 years have switched positions. Still, despite the job hopping, 75% chose to stay within their home state when changing jobs

While the reasons for changing were varied (40% chose “other”), the primary reasons cited for changing jobs included:

  • 18% pursuing a salary increase
  • 17% were unhappy with their employers
  • 13% wanted to try a new profession, department or company
  • 9% wanted to move to a different city, state or country
  • 3% wanted a promotion

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