CA Firm Puts Out Investment Tools

January 5, 2004 ( - A San Clemente, California consulting firm has released enhancements in both investment performance evaluation and performance attribution. PIPODs (Popular Index Portfolio Opportunity Distributions).

According to a news release from PPCA Inc., the company is offering PIPODs (Popular Index Portfolio Opportunity Distributions) – an investment performance evaluation tool – as a desktop application for the first time and launching its new performance attribution system, StokTrib Version 4 , a holdings-based style analysis and performance tool. StokTrib Version 4 helps investors differentiate investment style from skill, according to the statement.

The news release said PIPODs were released on the Internet on December 10, 2003, through a licensing pact between PPCA and InvestorForce, a Wayne, Pennsylvania technology investment firm. The latest development saw PPCA releasing free desktop software as a compliment to the web-based version. This software, which is available at , displays PIPODs universes in graphic form and ranks investment managers against these scientific universes. PIPOD universes are available for purchase on the PPCA website, with universes for periods ending December 2003 priced at $50, according to the news release.

PIPODscomprise all of the portfolios that could have been constructed by an investment manager adhering to a specified mandate, such as the S&P 500 or the Russell 1000 Growth.