Canadian Workers Anticipate Employers Focusing on Them

December 23, 2010 ( - A study from BMO Bank of Montreal found that 33% of working Canadians think their employers will invest in employee training and development next year.

In addition, Canadian workers expect their employers will put funds towards hiring more people or purchasing more equipment (29% each). The survey found workers ages 18 to 34 are most likely to believe their company will invest in hiring.  

According to a press release, respondents in Atlantic Canada are more likely to expect their employers to put funds towards purchasing more equipment (41% vs. 23% in Ontario). In addition, 24% in B.C., 32% in the Prairies, and 33% in Alberta expect their employers will purchase more equipment next year. 

Forty-two percent of employees in Manitoba and Saskatchewan foresee their companies investing in employee training, compared to 31% in Alberta, 32% in B.C., 33% in Ontario, and 34% in Atlantic Canada. Thirty-seven percent of employees in Manitoba and Saskatchewan believe their employers will invest in hiring this upcoming year, compared to 23% in Atlantic Canada, 29% in Ontario, 31% in Alberta, and 31% in B.C.  

“Employees are the very foundation of a successful business and can be a source of competitive advantage. How a company attracts, develops and retains the individuals executing the business strategy should be a top priority for leaders,” said Lynn Roger, Senior Vice President, Talent Strategies and Executive Resourcing, BMO Financial Group, in the press release. “Investing in employee training and development now, with a longer-term plan, will help business owners ensure they have a supply of talented employees who are prepared to take the company to the next level of performance.”