Canadians Opposed to Change in Pensions

March 20, 2012 ( – Canadians are opposed to the Tories' plan to increase the pension eligibility age for future senior citizens, a poll found.

The national survey by Ipsos Reid, done for Postmedia News and Global TV found more than two-thirds of Canadians oppose the view that the country needs to “sacrifice” pensions to keep taxes down or increase the retirement age to control rising pension system costs, The Vancouver Sun reports.  

Seventy percent of Canadians disagree with the statement that “social programs, seniors’ pensions, and other benefits in Canada are more generous than we can afford to pay for.” In addition, 70% disagree with the statement that “we need to keep taxes down, even if it means we have to sacrifice in terms of seniors’ pensions and other social benefits.”  

According to The Vancouver Sun, 68% of respondents disagree with the statement that “given the financial pressures on Canada’s public pension system, it is necessary to increase the retirement age from 65 to 67.”  

The telephone poll of 1,012 adults was conducted February 13-20.