Capital Missions Announces Socially Responsible Analysis Tool

April 28, 2003 ( - Treasurers with any doubts about socially responsible investing may want to take a look a no-cost analysis tool.

The Triple Bottom Line Simulationpermits treasurers at pension funds, foundations and religious organizations to “test drive” socially responsible investments.   Results of the mock investments are released quarterly, allowing treasurers to compare the virtual results with the results achieved by their actual money managers, according to a news release.

The 2002 cumulative Triple Bottom Line Simulation out-performance numbers found that four out of five socially responsible portfolios beat their benchmarks in 2002,when tailored for specific groups such as foundations, religious groups and not-for-profits.   Among the results:

  • Endowments/Foundations Simulation 2002 (2Q03-4Q03) – 6.73%
  • Original TBL Portfolio 2001 Simulation (2Q02-4Q03) – 3.91%
  • Family Offices Simulation 2002 (2Q03-4Q03) – 1.91%
  • Not-for-Profit Institutions Simulation 2002 (2Q03-4Q03) – 0.89%

The only underperformer was the Religious Institutions Simulation 2002 (2Q03-4Q03), which was 0.46% lower than its measure.

Interested parties can get full details of the CMC Simulation results at