Career Advancement Most Common Motive for Job Seekers

October 16, 2007 ( - Those scouting for new jobs are most often looking for advancement opportunities and leadership responsibility, according to an analysis by a company that allows job seekers to post personal Web pages.

According to the analysis of 6,000 professionals with posts on, 55% of those looking for a new job want career advancement, while 41% say they want more leadership responsibility.

The analysis also found job seekers are also looking for:

  • work/life balance, 38%;
  • leadership that’s respected/admired, 36%;
  • sense of accomplishment, 36%;
  • higher salary, 28%;
  • 401(k) matching, 28%;
  • flexible schedule, 27%;
  • collaborative environment, 22%; and
  • performance bonuses, 20%.

Nine percent indicated they are seeking a shorter commute and 5% said they are looking for a company that is ecologically friendly.

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