CFOs Want Easier Work Lives

July 22, 2004 ( - Chief financial officers (CFOs) don't want to have too much of a good thing.

Asked what they would change if they had free rein to alter one thing about their current job, nearly four in 10 (36%) said they would cut down the amount of hours they put in at the office, according to a survey by Robert Half Management Resources.

Some 17% said they would not go to as many meetings, while 12% reported that they would make their project completion deadlines a little less demanding.

Other responses included:

  • Improve relationship with boss, 7%
  • Spend less time traveling, 4%
  • Increased salary, 3%
  • Other, 7%

Some 14% said they wouldn’t change a thing or didn’t know.

“CFOs don’t have the luxury of time, yet it clearly ranks as the top priority on their professional wish list,” said Paul McDonald, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources, in a news release. “New demands are adding to their already busy schedules, including accelerated SEC filing deadlines, regulatory compliance requirements and strategies to optimize business growth after a period of economic uncertainty.”