Cigna Expands Retirement Fund Choices

October 22, 20001 ( - Cigna Retirement & Investment Services has expanded its portfolio of investment options to include 13 new mutual funds.

The new funds are managed by a variety of managers, and run the gamut of styles, from large cap, midsize, small cap blend and value funds to a small cap growth and value fund.

All of the funds are ranked in the first quartile or the top of the second quartile in performance against their peers, according to Cigna. Additionally they hold Morningstar ratings of four or five stars.

The newly available funds include:

  • T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth – Advisor Shares Large Cap Blend
  • Waddell & Reed Accumulative-Large Cap Blend
  • Alliance Growth & Income-Large Cap Value
  • Lord Abbett Affiliated-Large Cap Value
  • T. Rowe Price Equity Income – Advisor Shares Large Cap Value
  • MAS Mid Cap Value-Midsize Blend
  • Strong Opportunity-Midsize Blend
  • Oakmark Select-Midsize Value
  • T. Rowe Price Small Cap Stock – Advisor Class Small Cap Blend
  • Franklin Balance Sheet Investment-Small Cap Value
  • Strong Advisor-Small Cap Value
  • Waddell & Reed-Small Cap Growth
  • Alliance Balanced Shares-Balanced Value