CIGNA Finds Most Content with Current Health Care System

September 10, 2009 ( - A recent Opinion Research Corporation telephone survey sponsored by CIGNA found a majority of Americans, most with insurance, say the current health care system works for them.

According to a press release, almost nine out of ten (87%) Americans surveyed indicated they currently have health insurance, with almost two-thirds (62%) saying they have insurance through their employer. Seventy-nine percent graded the current health care system with an “A,” “B” or “C,” including 22% who assigned an “A” to the current system.

Sixty-two percent of single households give the current system an “A” or “B” compared to 49% of two-person households and 48% of households with three or more.

However, the survey found a low understanding of health care reform. While 28% gave themselves high marks in fully understanding reform, just as many (27%) rate their level of understanding a “D” or “F,” the press release said.

In addition, Americans place understanding of their health care plans last when asked to rank order their understanding of their common household contracts such as mortgages, cell phones, cable TV, retirement plans, and car warranties. Most also say they spend under half an hour a year reviewing and choosing health plans, with 22% saying they don’t have enough time to make good health care and cost decisions.

One in five Americans said making health care and costs decisions is more difficult than other activities like sitting in rush hour traffic, traveling with small children, going on a job interview, and preparing their taxes.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with development of Learn4YourHealth , CIGNA’s new educational program designed to help people improve their understanding of health care.