Class of 2008 Fretting over First Job

September 4, 2008 ( - There is a great deal of consternation among 2008 college graduates about their success in landing a new job - more so than was evident last year, a new survey found.

A Right Management news release said the latest College Graduate Career Confidence survey found that of the 236 recent and soon-to-be college graduates surveyed, 72% indicated it will be “somewhat to very difficult” to find the ideal job – up from 59% in 2007. Only 26% of this year’s college graduates believe it will be “somewhat to very easy” to get the jobs they desire – down from 37% in 2007.

Meanwhile,nearly two-thirds of college graduates (61%) expect to remain with their first employers for less than three years, consistent with the 2007 findings. Some 28% expect to stay three to five years and 11% more than five years.

The top three key motivators for college graduates when considering employment are opportunities to develop new skills; appreciation for work/life balance; and establishing and maintaining a good rapport with their managers.

Work/life balance is more important to 2008 college graduates than compensation when choosing a job. Some 38% of recent college graduates said work/life balance is very important, while 21% rated compensation as very important.

An audio file with results is available here while the survey is also available by contacting Helene Cavalli at .