College Funding with Stock Options and NQDC Plans

June 8, 2011 ( - For the millions of U.S. employees who have stock grants or nonqualified deferred compensation from their companies, guidance on college funding is available at the Web sites and

Written by Troy Onink, a college-funding authority and Forbes blogger, an expanded article series at each Web site explains the issues and planning involved in using these forms of compensation to successfully meet the costs of university tuition.   

On, the three-part series Funding Your Child’s College Education With Stock Options And Other Stock Grants explains:  

  • the impact of equity awards on financial aid eligibility, 
  • the basics of gift tax and the tax treatment of stock compensation in the financial planning for higher education, and 
  • methods to minimize capital gains at sale, planning for the kiddie tax and education tax credits, and strategies that students can use.  


On, the new two-part series College Financial Aid & Funding With Nonqualified Deferred Compensation explains:  

  • NQDC in the context of eligibility for need-based financial aid, 
  • the ways in which NQDC income deferrals and distributions by parents affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid, 
  • impact of NQDC on eligibility for the American Opportunity Tax Credit, and 
  • financial-planning strategies with NQDC that can help your cash flow for meeting college expenses.  


In addition to being available by individual membership, all the content on and is ideally suited for licensing by companies, stock plan providers, and securities firms for training, research, and ongoing education. For more information, visit, email, or call 617-734-1979.