Corporate Policies Hinder Use of Social Media in Recruiting

February 17, 2011 ( - A new global survey of HR professionals published by StepStone Solutions reveals that corporate policies and lack of understanding are stifling recruiters’ use of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to acquire new talent.

According to a StepStone White Paper, 60% of the employers surveyed already use social media as part of their recruitment strategy and over a quarter of employers yet to explore social media plan to do so in the near future. However, 28% said that corporate policies restricting access to social networking sites were a problem, and a lack of awareness of social media was cited by 69% of respondents as the greatest barrier to implementation. 

StepStone Solutions CEO, Matthew Parker, said in a press release: “Recruiters’ interest in social media is growing – 96% of recruiters said that social media has a role to play in recruitment – because it’s one of best ways to reach out to potential employees worldwide and build new talent pools, especially for high demand skills like mobile application developers or managers with experience in emerging markets. However, many recruiters aren’t opening Twitter accounts or LinkedIn pages in the absence of clear corporate support.”  

According to the press release, 82% of jobseekers respond positively to contact via social media.  

The full survey results, the barriers to social media adoption, and ways to overcome them and drive new candidate streams, are discussed in a White Paper from StepStone Solutions, available at