Employee Surveys Garner Varied Support Among U.S. Companies

May 18. 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Just more than half of companies surveyed ask for their workers' perception of the workplace, and of those who do, only 54% reported using employees' input to make any changes.

The survey of 800 respondents by Opinion Research found workers are positively affected when their ideas spur some action by their employer to make a change, according to a news release. Employees at mid-sized companies are most likely (90%) to view employee surveys in a positive light.

Financial services companies who conduct the surveys are most likely to implement the findings (75%), compared with 35% of non-profits and 45% of manufacturing firms.

On a regional basis, companies in non-metro areas are far more likely to conduct employee surveys. Companies in the more densely populated areas such as the Northeast are least likely (43%) to implement results.